Mobile payments:

Simple meets secure.

Add your credit card onto your device to pay.

With Apple Pay, you can use the iPhone®, Apple Watch® or iPad® to make credit card purchases in-app, in-store, and on the web.

Say hello to Apple Pay®

Apple Pay is a payment technology that allows you to use your iPhone® (or other compatible Apple device*) to make mobile purchases:

  • It takes one touch to authorize payment with Touch ID®
  • No need to swipe your credit card
  • Your card information is not revealed to merchants

Getting started

Apple has made it simple to get started with mobile payments. There are no apps to download. You simply need to add your credit card to the Wallet app.

  1. Add your Ameriprise® Visa Signature® card to your Apple device Wallet app by taking a picture of your credit card with the device’s camera.

  2. Enter your security code—found on the back of your card.

  3. Now you are all set up. Simply hold your Apple device near a payment terminal when making a payment. Apple Pay will automatically launch and ask you to approve the purchase with your fingerprint.

Places to use Apple Pay

You can use Apple Pay anywhere you see the Apple Pay or contactless payments symbol.


That includes hundreds of thousands of popular retailers, boutiques, grocery stores—lots of places you may already shop.

You can also use Apple Pay inside mobile apps and on the web. Skip the hassle of entering your password and authorize payment with just your fingerprint.

Security matters

Apple Pay never uses your actual credit card number to make a purchase. Every card you enter creates a device-only account number that is stored in your Apple device. When you make a purchase, the device-only account number is the only card number that is transmitted.

Use Apple Pay and enjoy peace of mind knowing:

  • No credit card number or personal information is received by the merchant.
  • Apple doesn't store your transaction data.
  • You continue to enjoy 24-Hour Fraud Protection that already comes with your card.

*For a list of compatible Apple Pay devices, see